Service Providers


Attorneys are professionals who have gained knowledge about starting and running a business through their experience.


An accountant is a trusted service provider who will serve as an advisor to your business; hiring a knowledgeable and trustworthy accountant is essential. 

Commercial Real Estate Broker
To start your small business, you will usually need to find a space that not only fits your budget, but also has the ideal size and location for your business to succeed.

Choosing the right bank is crucial for your business. You need to take into account not only your current requirements, but also your future needs.

In today’s economic environment with many qualified candidates, hiring the right individual is key to a successful business. The candidate should possess specific knowledge, strong skills, and abilities that are tailored to your business.

Businesses have insurance to mitigate various types of risks such as from a fire, robbery, employee accident, or litigation that may arise. 

I.T. Professional
For any small business, choosing the right technology at the onset can mean either success or failure. As you look to buy equipment, it is imperative that all equipment (personal computer, phone, fax, personal digital assistant, etc.) work well together.