Recruitment Agent

In today’s economic environment with many qualified candidates, hiring the right individual is key to a successful business. The candidate should possess specific knowledge, strong skills, and abilities that are tailored to your business.

There are many sources for recruiting the right candidates for both unskilled and skilled employees.


Leverage advertising mediums such as radio, televisions, newspapers and social media. In addition, it is crucial for your business to use internet job boards, your company's website, and other social media tools for recruitment. Advertising ranges in cost depending on which medium you choose, so make sure to consider your business' advertising budget before deciding on which medium to use.


Public and private employment agencies. Both of these agencies are adept at finding the right candidate for the position by screening the applicants. In general, public employment agencies (such as state employment and unemployment offices) do not charge for their services while private employment agencies charge a fee if they find an employee who is later hired by your business.


Educational institutions like high schools are typically a good source of unskilled workers whereas vocational and technical schools train individuals with specific skills. For skilled workers, colleges and universities are an excellent source. Direct recruiting at these institutions can be very effective. You may want to visit these institutions or attend professional meeting or trade shows to meet potential candidates.

In order for your small business to recruit and keep key employees, there are certain items you need to consider:


Do not base the salary of the potential recruit on your budget. Base the salary on the current market rate. To go one step further, paying slightly more than the market rate will not only attract good candidates but will also give them an incentive to work for a longer period of time.


It is critical to communicate to your employees that if they perform well, there will be opportunities for advancement. This communication should occur both at the inception and should also be reiterated regularly with the employees.


Depending on the nature of your business, many employers seek employees that have flexible working hours and work at home options.


Most employees look for benefits such as medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, pension plan, etc. It will be difficult for you to offer these benefits at inception, but as your business grows providing these benefits will provide a competitive edge, which should lead to less employee turnover. Please consult with your tax advisor before providing any benefits as they may have tax consequences both to the employer and employee.


If you find a great candidate who could be entertaining multiple offers, you may want to consider paying a sign on bonus that is significant enough to sway them to work for you opposed to your competitors. However, if you are contemplating paying a large bonus, this should be contingent upon them being employed with you for a certain amount of time. If they do not fulfill these requirements, they would have to repay the bonus.


Provide reimbursement for advanced degree or education to high-performing employees. Once again, this should be contingent upon the employee staying with your organization for a certain period of time. Please consult with your tax advisor before providing any benefits as they may have tax consequences both to the employer and employee.